Subscription FWX 2020 + SS 2021

€3,051.00 €922.50

Are you looking for inspiration for your collection, your store, a project? This subscription gives you the opportunity to start well prepared and informed for the coming seasons.

THJS Cover Interior FWX 2020 was an anniversary season for us. This book has become extra thick and contains 6 themes, each with 3 different elaborations, complete with Christmas inspiration and material cards.

THJS Cover Interior SS 2021 offers a lot of inspiration for spring and summer. Here you will find ideas for color cards with the trendy color lilac, but also how you can give Japanese influences a place in the interior. Or are you looking for inspiration for dried flowers, or are you looking for input for more industrial interiors? Everything taste groups are covered!

Corona update SS 21
Product development for SS 21 will be affected by the corona crisis. That is why you will receive a digital update at SS 21. We have made these specially because we think that in some areas there will be shifts based on consumer wishes and therefore also product wishes. We offer this service free of charge with the purchase of this trend book! As soon as the order has been received, we will send the books and email the digital trend update to you.