Where can you find inspiration for your new collection?

Published on 12 November 2020 at 13:03

Are you wondering where to orientate yourself for your new collection in these difficult times? Although nothing seems easy these days, we hear from many of our customers that sales are currently still going fairly well. After all, during the lockdowns, many people paid extra attention to their home, started renovating their house or decorating their garden. And of course there was suddenly a lot of demand for home workplaces ...

But how do you start your next collection?

Do you sometimes think: how should I continue? Where do I get good information, on which we can base our new collection? It is difficult to find the concentration to attend online fairs all day long. You miss the information that you otherwise absorb while walking, talking and watching.

Let us help you with that!

In addition to the new trend book for SS 2022 (which has actually become a trend box) we have bundled all interesting trend information in 4 different trend magazines for SS 2022. In each magazine, the color and trend themes for SS 2022 are further elaborated with the focus on a specific product group .

THJS Cover INDEPTH Seasonal SS 2022: 

With a focus on spring and Easter.

THJS Cover INDEPTH Floristic | Naturals SS 2022: 

In which the trends are translated into flowers, plants and natural materials such as basket work.

THJS Cover INDEPTH Ceramics | Glass | Tabletop SS 2022: 

For ceramics, glass and tableware.

THJS Cover INDEPTH Textile | Paper | Print SS 2022: 

Here you will find the trends for designs, for fabric and paper.

Order the trend magazine you need right now and have all the info you need to start your collection with confidence! 

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