Corona sucks...

Published on 15 November 2020 at 12:59

It remains interesting to see how each new situation evokes different reactions. At this time, when we are confronted in many areas with the effects of Covid-19, we see this happening again.

Just like in a grieving process, people go through different stages. When someone dies, the first phase is often denial. But with Corona, we saw that everyone jumped into acceptance mode first. Together we went for it. Together we would do this job, we supported each other. But now... it is taking too long. The urgency is not equally visible to everyone. The consequences, read: what we all have to give up for it (less income, less fun things to do, less social contacts) feel more and more intense. The adrenaline rush that we first felt has now subsided...


The other stages, denial, anger, acceptance, and depression, were discussed later. Actually, we are now in the middle of that. One is often at a different stage than the other. This leads to heated arguments, anger and conflict.
The fact that we extract information from our own social media bubbles reinforces the contradictions. After all, we are all fed with our own beliefs.

But we all respond to the same thing.
Corona sucks. Everyone agrees ...

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